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July 9, 2018 - Today we are officially announcing that Fierce Females has entered into a partnership with Work and Play and General Store by Work and Play. Working together, our teams will provide Fierce Females’ members with compelling educational seminars, fun networking events, and an easy way to engage and enroll in all. Fierce Females merchandise will be promoted and available for purchase on General Store’s e-commerce site (as well as on the Fierce Females website), and our teams will work closely to serve the Fierce Females community in the future in ways that add value to the group and meaning to each individual member.


This partnership is the logical next step arising from working together effectively in the past, including the recent promotion to our members of a General Store class. In 2017, we held our “Branding Yourself to Compete in the Millennial Marketplace” at SPACES by Work and Play; this event was enormously successful and our members shared with me that they loved the venue.

To celebrate this partnership, Work and Play is extending Fierce Females' members an invitation to use one free day pass at their coworking space. To take advantage of this offer, register via their website ( https://www.workandplaynj.com/fiercefemales/ ) and their community manager Sarah will reply to your request.

We are so excited to continue providing Fierce Females’ with programming that enriches your


For more information on Work and Play, go here - https://www.workandplaynj.com


For more information on General Story by Work and Play, go here - https://somageneralstore.com


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