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Please consider supporting our key partners listed below who provide regular support to the Fierce Females team and have contributed at recent events. See our growing list of businesses owned by Fierce Females' members here.

In today’s tech-advanced world, flexible schedules are here to stay. Fierce Female Deborah Engel dreamed up Work and Play as a solution for managing career and family, with flexible office space and customizable childcare schedules.

General Store Cooperative is your ONE-STOP ONLINE MARKETPLACE for South Orange, N.J., Maplewood, N.J., and surrounding areas!  Started by Fierce Female Amy Howell and Deborah Engel, the site carries GOODS and EXPERIENCES from LOCAL MAKERS and INDEPENDENT STORES.  Visit the marketplace.

Tracey Gutierrez

Career Coach

I am a life and career coach, on a mission to help women relentlessly pursue happiness so they can create amazing, unique, fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. Take the first step toward creating your ideal life and career by signing up on my website for a free strategy session.

Those African Chicks Podcast is an episodic podcast that follows the victories and challenges of the everyday African women through conversations about Personal Growth, Identity, and the African and Western Gaze. It is a space where we African Women can speak our truths and challenge the reductive narrative the world imposes on us.

Gabriela Anggono

Rookie Humans

We design whimsical crib sheets, lovingly illustrated to bring magical stories to life inside the crib.  The idea behind Rookie Humans was inspired by my own experience as a new mom. I took so many pictures of my babies in their crib, that it led me to reimagine crib sheets as creative backdrops. I really hope you love them as much as I do!